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Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Research!

The Office of Undergraduate Research (O.U.R.) strives to involve all University of Oklahoma students in research and creative projects sometime during their academic career. Towards this goal, the O.U.R. supports all campus faculty, staff, and students in their endeavors to include research and creative projects as part of their learning and curriculum. O.U.R. offers programs, resources, and support for Course-based Undergraduate Research and Individual Apprentice-type research experiences.

Defining Undergraduate Research

The first accomplishment of O.U.R. was developing a research-based definition of undergraduate research that could be applied to all disciplines at OU.


Undergraduate Research (UR) is mentored intellectual engagement using established scholarly processes to make a meaningful contribution to a project, question, or problem, where the outcomes are presented or performed with review, critique or judgment, and both the process and product are based upon disciplinary standards. The work will be at least partially novel, but may result in a preliminary product, a partial solution, or additional questions for future investigation.

O.U.R. is supported by and located in the Vice-President for Research office. Our office is in the VPR area on the third floor of Five Partners Place on OU’s Research Campus.



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Individual Consultations

Want to learn more about undergraduate research than the resources on this site or our newsletters & workshops offer? You can make an appointment to discuss your research plan.


Student appointments: Wednesday or Thursday afternoons

Faculty appointments: Wednesday or Thursday mornings or anytime Friday


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