Gas transport in polymer membranes for gas, vapor and liquid separations

Principal Investigator Information

Michele Galizia
Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
100E. Boyd street, Sarkeys energy center, 73019 Norman

Funding Available for Qualified Students?: 

Project Information

Summary and Designated Tasks: 

The undergraduate student should participate to our research activities on gas, vapor and liquid transport in polymers for membrane applications. Duties include membrane preparation and testing using our facilities. Membrane testing includes the experimental measurement of gas, vapor and liquid solubility, diffusivity and permeability through the membrane materials. Obviously, the experimental data are interpreted and correlated using thermodynamic models. They final goal of our program is developing structure-property correlations that can be used to design materials with pre-assigned and engineered transport properties. Undergraduate students will also participate to data elaboration and will be co-author of the final publication. They will be mentored by the PI and will work with PhD students. Research projects involve collaborations with some prestigious institutions in the US, such as the University of Notre Dame and the Virginia Institute of Technology.

Timeline and Duration: 

Timeline: 1 year. Time commitments for undergraduate students: 6 hours/week (roughly)

Preferred Skills: 

Chemical engineering, chemistry, physics. Skills to be developed through this experience: 1. ability to measure transport properties of polymers 2. ability to correlate transport properties with the membrane microstructure 3. ability to design and build experimental facilities for membrane science. The student will receive a lab safety training before joining the group.