Fatigability of the arm and leg muscles in young and older adults

Principal Investigator Information

Hugo Pereira
Department of Health and Exercise Science
1401 ASP ave room 122

Funding Available for Qualified Students?: 

Project Information

Summary and Designated Tasks: 

The Human Movement and Neurophysiology (HuMaN) Laboratory is recruiting undergraduate students. They will participate in studies evaluating neuromuscular function during fatiguing contractions performed by young and older adults. Duties include helping in data collection, preparing the experimental set up and participation in journal club meetings. The undergraduate student will be mentored by the principal investigator and work with graduate students. Data from this project can be presented in conferences and will be used in future publications.

Timeline and Duration: 

Timeline of the project: 1 to 2 years Time commitment: Approximately 5 hours/week

Preferred Skills: 

Interested in Exercise Physiology, Neuropsychology or Biomedical Engineering. Interested to work with older adults (>65 years old) Students will need complete the IRB training for human subjects.