Ancient Glasses of the Old World

Principal Investigator Information

Dr. Thomas R Fenn
Department of Anthropology
455 W. Lindsey St., Dale Hall Tower, Room 516
Dr. Fenn analyzing glass beads on piece of Native American leatherwork from the Getty Museum, Malibu, California.

Funding Available for Qualified Students?: 

Project Information

Summary and Designated Tasks: 

Project: The project is examining ancient glass objects and production debris recovered from ancient archaeological habitation and production sites in various locations of sub-Saharan Africa and India. Tasks: Tasks will include cataloging and photographing objects, data entry, research, sample preparation for various analytical methods (e.g., Electron Microprobe Analysis [EMPA], Scanning Electron Microscopy [SEM], Laser-Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry [LA-ICP-MS], etc.), analyses of those samples, data analysis, writing up results and preparing results for presentation at conferences and for publication. # of Assistants: At this time, only one assistant will be needed.

Timeline and Duration: 

This is an ongoing process with a significant number of samples to work through, so the time line could be as short as one semester or as long as several semesters. The weekly time commitment would be 8-10 hours per week. Days and times are negotiable.

Preferred Skills: 

Familiarity with most general PC-based softwares (e.g., Word, Excel, etc.). Data entry skills. Photography skills. Artistic (drawing) skills. At this time, no Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) and/or Institutional Review Board (IRB) training is necessary. Skills to be developed include data entry, photography, data analysis, writing, presentation development, and certain instrumental analysis methods.