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Faculty Research Interests

You can find a list of OU department websites here. Once there, you can search the faculty for that department to find more details about any given faculty. 

Faculty member names and departments came from the list maintained by the Graduate College for those eligible to direct graduate research. It does not include temporary faculty and some teaching-focused faculty who may also be engaged in research. It was downloaded in March 2017. Faculty appointed since that time are likely missing. Faculty members with appointments in more than one department usually appear in both department lists.

The "Topic Area" column was derived from their short research descriptions on their departmental website. It is meant to be a general guide for finding a faculty member working in an area that may be of interest. If the general topic is of interest, go to the department &/or faculty member's website for more details. The O.U.R. Workshop Getting Started can help you find a faculty member and contact them professionally.

The last column indicates if the faculty member has served as an LSAMP or LSAMP-BD mentor in the recent past.


Faculty Research Interests Download (Updated March 17, 2017)



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