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Nancy L. Mergler Faculty Mentor Award

The Nancy L. Mergler Faculty Mentor Award for Undergraduate Research was established in 2013 in order to recognize faculty excellence in supporting undergraduate researchers. 

Each award winner receives a one-time prize of $750 and a framed certificate.

Nominations for 2018 are open!

Nominate your mentors on the O.U.R. Portal:

Deadlines for nominations is March 9, 2018!

Previous award recipients: 

Dr. Liangzhong (Shawn) Xiang (2017)
Dr. Misha Klein (2016)
Dr. Lloyd Bumm (2015)

Criteria for Selection

This award recognizes faculty excellence in supporting undergraduate researchers. Mentor award recipients support the individual and professional development of undergraduate research students by providing them outstanding research experiences leading to peer-reviewed publications, public presentations, or juried performances of their scholarly work. These mentors also foster increasing independence as research scholars for their student protégés.

Nomination Procedures


Nominations are solicited from undergraduate research students at the beginning of February of each year.


Nominations are in the form of a survey or letter submitted by students. The nominations must use specific examples to explain how the nominee exhibits the five qualities of an outstanding mentor:

  1. A mentor invests in the work of the student taking whatever time is needed to provide guidance, instruction, and encouragement.
  2. A mentor fosters an environment of mutual respect, never forgetting that everyone has to start at the beginning.
  3. A mentor provides timely and explicit feedback with both praise and constructive criticism for maximizing intellectual growth.
  4. A mentor recognizes and supports the protégé’s development as a person and as a scholar, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, including socialization into the professional community.
  5. A mentor supports the protégé in developing the understanding and vision to define and pursue the protégé’s own direction or question for the research and personal and career goals.

Selection Procedures

A committee selected by the Office of Undergraduate Research reviews the nominations and selects the mentoring faculty whose actions best exemplify the criteria.


This award is hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research, Office of the Vice President for Research. For questions about this award, please contact Susan Walden or Mike Faneros.

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