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O.U.R. Funding Awards for Student Travel (FAST)

The Office of Undergraduate Research makes available a limited amount of travel funding each year for undergraduate students engaged in undergraduate research. Students work with their departments to secure other contributions, travel approval and arrangements, and to complete and submit their travel claim. If they have been approved for FAST, the Office of Undergraduate Research will reimburse the department up to the maximum amount.

All OU students traveling with university or grant funds must review the OU Travel Guidelines.

Eligibility and Guidelines:

  • OU students who are in good standing academically are eligible to apply.
  • A FAST may not be used to defray the cost of any study abroad program.
  • Requests for funding to accomplish research must include an explanation of why the travel is required for your research project.
  • Available funding is limited to one trip per fiscal year (note: the fiscal year runs July-June).
  • It is a requirement of the award that all students requesting travel assistance must seek matching funds from another source. All FAST applications must be accompanied by documentation that the student will receive at least $250 of the total cost of the trip from her/his department or other sources OR has applied for travel funding from at least one other source.


Requests for funding must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research no later than 30 days prior to the start date of travel. In exceptional cases, students may request a waiver of this 30-day requirement, but no retroactive requests will be approved.

Application Procedures:

  1. Discuss department and OU travel policies with your home department staff.
  2. Complete the O.U.R. Funding Award for Student Travel (FAST) form (only one trip per form).
  3. Attach a brief narrative stating the purpose and benefits of the travel to the applicant (250 to 400 words).
  4. Attach a copy of the invitation to present/perform from the conference or event/venue (if presenting). If you are not presenting, include in your narrative (#3) the research design and need to travel. If not presenting or conducting research, agree to complete an O.U.R. FAST Conference Report.
  5. Request an email from your research mentor to that includes permission to present the work and documentation of any available funding for travel from your mentor.
  6. Attach documentation of any other travel funding received or applied for. If your department is providing the matching funds, a letter or email from the chair/director should confirm the commitment.
  7. Submit the printed O.U.R. Funding Award for Student Travel Form with all required attachments and supporting documentation to your department's chair/director for approval.
  8. The department should verify all required attachments and supporting documentation are attached to the form prior to forwarding them on to the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  9. Submit the printed (hard copy) signed original of the O.U.R. Funding Award for Student Travel (FAST) form, required attachments and supporting documentation to:
    Office of Undergraduate Research
    5 Partner’s Place, Suite 3308
    201 Stephenson Dr.
    Attention: Michael Faneros
  10. Upon completion of the travel, the traveler’s department will process the travel reimbursement for each approved applicant. Students, you must save your receipts and follow your departmental staff’s instructions for documenting your travel expenses. If the real cost of travel varies from the proposal budget, only your actual documented expenses will be reimbursed, up to the award amount and after matching funds have been applied.

Note to Departmental Staff: The academic unit should submit the O.U.R. Travel Reimbursement Request Form along with the O.U.R. commitment email and paid supporting documentation (claim and Commitment vs. Budget sheets) to the O.U.R.’s Office to request reimbursement. Approved funds will be available to each unit for a maximum of four months or end of the fiscal year after the completion of travel. Travel completed after May 15 may be processed for reimbursement on the next fiscal year (as noted in the O.U.R. commitment email).

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