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O.U.R. Workshops

The O.U.R. offers workshops throughout the semester. Whether you are curious about getting started in undergraduate research, ready to present your work or perfect how to discuss it in an interview, or somewhere in between, O.U.R. is here to help you make the most of your research experience. See below or better yet follow the O.U.R. calendar or the O.U.R. Facebook page, for up-to-date workshop times, locations, and topics.

Would you like one of these workshops presented to a class or student organization?

Contact the O.U.R. to make arrangements!

Workshop Topics

The following are some of the workshop topics that may be presented soon.

  • Getting Started in Research

    Want to find out about research but unsure where to start? Come to this workshop and find out! We will be covering topics such as what is research, the importance of undergraduate research, how to find an opportunity, available funding sources, and more! All students – freshman to senior – are welcome. Particular attention will be paid to what you can do given your specific needs, time, and where you are in your collegiate career.     

    • Market Your Research
      • Participating in research and creative projects is only the first step. Now you need to get word out about your project and how it makes an impact in your discipline! This workshop will focus on communicating your results and participation. Resume/vitas, business cards, the “elevator” speech, and conference travel will be the specific topics as they relate to your research.
    • Mentored Research and Travel Fund Info-session
      • Get paid to explore your passion! The Mentored Research Fund (MRF) is a program to support the financial aspects of research and creative projects. After reviewing program information, come to this info-session to get your questions answered and, time permitting, feedback on your specific proposal.
    • Poster Presentation Workshop
      • You’ve done some research, now you need to publicize your findings! Going to a conference and presenting a poster is one of the best ways to get your research known to people in your field. Come find out some do’s and don’ts for creating a poster. We will also talk about how to present your poster to others. Have you presented a poster? Come share your experiences with your fellow researchers!
    • Reading a Scientific Article
      • Whether you are just starting college or will be graduating soon, you will likely need to read a scientific paper at some point. They can be hard to read, but we can help! This workshop is designed to help you navigate the various sections of a paper to understand what the author(s) are conveying. Though some discussion will concern the results section of an article, this workshop will not be teaching any specific science content.
    • Summer Opportunities
      • NOW is the time to start considering what you will be doing for the next summer. Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) are some of the best ways to get paid and valuable experience in your chosen discipline. You will make contacts in your field, the REU will look great on a resume or graduate application, and you will usually get paid to participate! Join us for this workshop to find out how you can get involved in an REU this next summer. Applications are usually due in January or February, so come to this workshop and prepare to make the most of winter break.

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