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Mentored Research Fellowship

The Office of Undergraduate Research is committed to empowering students' exploration. The Mentored Research Fellowship (MRF) is a program to cultivate and support student-mentor relationships while working on a research or creative project. The MRF is open to all University of Oklahoma Norman Campus students. Before starting the application, the student and mentor should download and complete the Undergraduate Research Mentoring Agreement form together. Current due dates are as follows:

Access the MRF application on the O.U.R. Portal.

Due Dates for Awards: 

  • For Spring Awards: First Monday after November 1th
  • For Fall Awards: First Monday after July 15th

The MRF supports individual projects at least partially designed and directed by the Undergraduate Research (UR) Scholar, i.e. the student should have some decision-making ownership of the project. Thus each proposal should be written by the student, demonstrating the necessary background understanding to complete the project. The proposal must be supported by a letter of recommendation from the faculty mentor selected for the project. If the project contributes to the faculty mentor’s scholarly activity, the proposal must explain clearly what the student’s independent contribution will be to the overall project.

  • Maximum budget is $1000 per semester per student. Awards may be made for a smaller amount.
    • Budget may be distributed between stipend, research related travel (i.e. data access or collection), and materials or supplies.
    • Budget cannot be used to buy permanent equipment (e.g. iPad, laptop computer, etc.)
    • Student and mentor should decide on the budget together.
    • At least half the budget should be for a student stipend.
    • Funds not expended remain with the Office of Undergraduate Research for future awards.
  • Awards are renewable for one semester with a new proposal.
    • The new proposal cannot be for the same exact activities, but can be for a continuation of prior work.
    • The proposal must explain the accomplishments of the previously funded term and how the proposed work builds on or is different from that work.
  • Projects from ALL OU disciplines are eligible as long as they meet the OU definition of undergraduate research:
    • Mentored intellectual engagement
    • Use of established scholarly processes
    • Making a meaningful contribution to a project, question, or problem
    • The outcomes are publicly presented or performed with review, critique or judgment
    • And both the process and product are based upon disciplinary standards
    • Projects might include (but are not limited to):
      • Hypothesis driven experimental research
      • Original performance or visual art projects, with a scholarly analysis, framing, or report
      • Research question focused analyses of original or existing data
      • Comparative analysis of literature
      • Re-imagining an analytical piece or publication using different theoretical frameworks 
    • If you have questions or concerns about your project viability, contact the O.U.R.
  • A proposal consists of:
    • Student information;
    • Description of student’s project idea, or the student’s specific portion of the larger faculty research program;
    • Statement of motivation for the project – rationale and significance of the project and how it fits into the student’s personal and professional interests or goals;
    • If the project is part of faculty scholarship, the distinctive features and boundaries of the student’s project and how that piece contributes to the bigger goals;
    • A full, completed Undergraduate Research Mentoring Agreement with expected benchmarks and outcomes;
    • Should the project include animal or human subjects, a proposal should also be filed with the associated institutional review board;
    • And an itemized budget and short justification.
  • Student requirements:
    • Enroll in the departmental 3440 class (can be for 0 credit);
    • Expect to devote approximately 9 hours per week to the project;
    • Attend two Mentored Research Fellow meetings;
    • Participate in a reflective writing journal; 
    • Present work at Undergraduate Research Day/Symposium.
  • Students may also present their work in other venues.
  • OUR Scholars will have preference points for conference presentation travel grants.


 Applications can be submitted by filling out and uploading the required documents to the Mentored Research Fellowship application

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