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Individually Mentored Research Resources

Individually mentored research experiences are highly valuable learning environments for students. With appropriate scaffolding and mentoring, undergraduate students can make significant contributions to their mentor’s scholarship. In some cases, the student has a compelling research question of their own. Establishing a mentoring relationship to develop and execute that research project contributes to successful learning. O.U.R. offers tools and training for faculty and students to make the most of Individually Mentored Research.

  • For students: O.U.R. provides funding opportunities, a course to receive transcript credit-no matter your major, a guide to establish expectations with your mentor, opportunities to showcase or present your work, and workshops to help you be a better researcher.
  • For faculty: O.U.R. offers tools to recruit and admit students, to structure and guide the mentor-mentee relationship, to record credit for mentoring, and to celebrate your students’ and your successes. Of course, you might want to review or point students to the student resources as well.