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Course-Based Undergraduate Research (CBUR) Resources

As the only scalable option for providing research experiences to all OU students, Course-Based Undergraduate Research (CBUR) is a critical focus for the O.U.R. The O.U.R. supports programs and policies at the institutional level and provides resources and guidance at the faculty and departments to bring more CBUR to OU.

Research Course Attributes

The O.U.R., with support and input from the O.U.R. Faculty Council, have designated three course attributes for OU that indicate the depth of the research engagement and the fraction of course credit for the project.

Graduate Research Guide Overview


Graduate Research Guide (GRG) program aims to increase the opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in course-based research. Faculty teaching courses at any level and in any discipline are invited to participate.

O.U.R. Spotlights

The O.U.R. is dedicated to celebrating undergraduate research! If you are a student, mentor, or alumnus, please complete a short web-form to submit your successes and lessons-learned from undergraduate research. You can be an inspiration and role model to others - and have a link to show future employers your work. Faculty, you can submit also to help OU administration, legislators, and the public see the valuable contributions you and your department are making with undergraduate research. 

Curiosity to Creativity Symposium

The Office of Undergraduate Research (O.U.R.) is dedicated to empowering and promoting the curiosity-driven discoveries, innovations, and creative works of OU students and their mentors! To showcase OU’s excellent undergraduate research and creative projects, O.U.R. sponsors campus-wide celebrations during the Spring and Summer semesters.

O.U.R. Workshops

The O.U.R. offers workshops throughout the semester. Whether you are curious about getting started in undergraduate research, ready to present your work or perfect how to discuss it in an interview, or somewhere in between, O.U.R. is here to help you make the most of your research experience.