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As the only scalable option for providing research experiences to all OU students, Course-Based Undergraduate Research (CBUR) is a critical focus for the O.U.R. The O.U.R. supports programs and policies at the institutional level and provides resources and guidance at the faculty and departments to bring more CBUR to OU.

Nancy L. Mergler Faculty Mentor Award

The Nancy L. Mergler Faculty Mentor Award for Undergraduate Research was established in 2013 in order to recognize faculty excellence in supporting undergraduate researchers. 

Each award winner receives a one-time prize of $750 and a framed certificate.

Research Day at the Capitol

Research Day at the Capitol (RD@C) is held annually in the Oklahoma State Capitol rotunda during the legislative session. It showcases undergraduate research conducted at OK colleges and universities to the legislature and public. O.U.R. holds an internal competition each Fall semester to select the two OU representatives.

O.U.R. Spotlights

The O.U.R. is dedicated to celebrating undergraduate research! If you are a student, mentor, or alumnus, please complete a short web-form to submit your successes and lessons-learned from undergraduate research. You can be an inspiration and role model to others - and have a link to show future employers your work. Faculty, you can submit also to help OU administration, legislators, and the public see the valuable contributions you and your department are making with undergraduate research.