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Graduate Research Guide Overview

The Office of Undergraduate Research (O.U.R.) is accepting proposals for the Graduate Research Guide (GRG) program. This program aims to increase the opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in course-based research. Faculty teaching courses at any level and in any discipline are invited to participate.

Proposals can be submitted by logging into the O.U.R. Portal and using the GRG Proposal webform found here.

Current Due Dates:

  • Fall Classes: July 15, 2019
  • Spring Classes: November 5, 2018

The purpose of the GRG is to allow a faculty member to design and implement more impactful research and creative projects than they might otherwise be able to do within a semester course. O.U.R. provides partial stipend support to the GRG through this opportunity.

The role of the GRG is to facilitate the undergraduate research process by coaching the students or student teams. Therefore, the selected GRG must be knowledgeable in the research methods or other disciplinary processes that the students will be using. GRGs are not instructors, lecturers, or teaching assistants; they are not involved in assigning grades for students’ work, nor in administering the course. GRGs should not be required to attend every class meeting, unless they are guiding research activities during the classtime.

These research projects should directly contribute to accomplishing the course's learning objectives and outcomes, as well as developing transferable research skills for the students. Research projects may comprise one assignment or be woven throughout the course, but all will meet the OUR definition of research:

Mentored intellectual engagement using established scholarly processes to make a meaningful contribution to a project, question, or problem, where the outcomes are presented or performed with review, critique or judgment, and both the process and product are based upon disciplinary standards.

At a minimum, the research project would allow a student or small team of students to identify a question of interest within the context of the course; design and implement a disciplinary-appropriate strategy to address that question; and present their findings or creative product to an audience of peers or experts.


Proposal Deadlines

All proposals received by the following deadlines will receive full consideration:

  •  For Fall classes: First Monday after June 15
  •  For Spring classes: First Monday in November


A sample proposal webform can be found here. Proposals can be submitted by logging into the OUR Portal with your OU 4x4 Login and clicking the Graduate Research Guide Proposal link:


GRG (or equivalent) course examples

The following are some examples of course based research classes that have taken place at OU.

Course Name


Project Summary


ECE 2713: Digital Signal Processing


The student teams applied digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to data they generated or collected. The GRG taught students how to use MatLab and guided the groups on their projects.

Final Report

HSCI 3823: Science in Medieval Culture


Every student in the class completed a detailed analytical essay focused on a primary source text from the middle ages. The GRG met with students to discuss topics, how to find sources, and give feedback on the project throughout its duration.

Final Report

SPAN 3853: Readings in Spanish Literature


Students are introduced to a variety of Spanish literary texts, both Peninsular and Latin American. This is the first required Spanish literature course for both majors and minors of Spanish.

Final Report

GEOG 3443: Environment and Society


Students worked in four teams of 6 to 7 to research an "object of concern," a specific topic which we examine through multiple lenses to describe & understand its environment-society relationships. The GRG gave consistent feedback to the groups and help mediate group discussions.

Final Report


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